Worthiness & A Legacy to My Daughter 5

As a child, I was “blessed” with an overwhelming sense of compassion for others; as I grew older that was unfortunately paired with indescribable feelings of worthlessness. I pretty much assured my place at the bottom of my own priority list. All of my relationships (be they familial, friendships, intimate relationships) have all felt one-sided, […]

8 Things I Was(n’t) Told About Giving Birth 6

Dearest Expectant Mama, don’t cry; that post-pregnancy glass of wine is almost within your reach. Now, I don’t know about you but when I was getting closer to my due date, I had it all under control— hahahahah, just kidding. I did, however, get all the unsolicited advice that I assumed was giving me a […]

The Balance of Beauty and Brains

My 21-month old daughter is pretty cute. I know we all think that about our kids, but really…she is damn cute. Everywhere we go people are taken with her and tell us how beautiful she is, commenting on her eyes/cheeks/smile. And it scares me to death. The compliments (while it warms my heart to hear […]