The Little Book of Inspiration by Danny Brown 3  

The Little Book of Inspiration (Morning Rain Publishing) Yesterday, mortality may have caught up with me. Today, I welcomed it as a future friend who will simply help me remember the present… Life moves pretty fast and, in this always-on-the-go world that we find ourselves in, it’s becoming ever-harder to pause and reflect on what we see. Yet, if we don’t, we miss the opportunity to experience the things that could truly change our lives. The Little Book of Inspiration aims to be that opportunity to stop and savour not only the events around us, but the people, the experiences, the sights and sounds. Through these inspiring stories and poems of love, redemption, and change, take a moment to really see all the inspirational treasures that are present. Inspiration is all around us. All we have to do is look.” – Danny Brown, Author I don’t often write reviews on this site, and if the truth must be told I don’t often read inspirational books either. Inspirational books are often full of a lot of unrelatable nonsense, in my humble opinion. I offered myself up to review it with no small amount of hesitation; no one likes to write bad […]



13 Life Lessons I Learned from My Two-chebag 16

13 Lessons I Learned from My Two-chebag My two-year old is wise beyond her years. She has almost perfected her grasp of sarcasm, and I think we are on the brink of a beautiful eyeroll. I am the proud parent (owner? manufacturer?) of what I refer to, with the utmost affection, as my little two-chebag. I adore her, and her feistiness, though some days I could definitely do with a lot less of it. She is a happy little thing; pretty well-behaved (all things considered) but with more attitude than anyone her age should be allowed to have, and when she is bad she is horrid. When she wants something, she is in it to win it, and I barely get out alive. I am on to her, though; she has taught me well. I have learned so many lessons over the last 28 months that I don’t even really know how I got this far in life without them. 1. It is completely acceptable to stand in one’s underwear, at the front door, screaming NO! at the top of your lungs in response to being asked if one is hungry. Previously, I had been under the impression that this sort of thing […]

I am Jealous of Your Facebook Profile Picture 8

It sounds ridiculous, I know; but I am. I am jealous of how many times you change it, and that you can do it with such abandon. You change it to the drink you just had, the meal you just ate, the picture of the oddly translated items on the Chinese food menu. I haven’t changed mine in 9 years. I can’t; I am tied to it, and I fear that is part of what keeps me from moving on. Not that moving on from the death of a child is ever possible, but moving in a forward direction is; if you can find a forward direction to take. It’s funny how something so inconsequential can suddenly hold all the meaning in the universe. It seems silly, but the crux of all I feel really can be summed up by admitting how envious I am of the people who can change their profile picture on a whim. I feel like if I change mine, then I am…well…moving on. Which, ironically, is exactly what I am told I am supposed to feel free to do. I understand all of that, intellectually, but emotionally…not so much. I know that we have to […]



Winning for Nothing: Are We Raising Entitled Kids? 1

There was a storm of sorts in the NFL/parenting world this week when the Pittsburgh Steelers’ James Harrison returned trophies his two sons had received for participation. There was uproar on both sides of the fence: parents speaking out against him for doing it, and parents speaking out against the parents speaking out against him. I know, right? In the world I grew up in, we received trophies, badges, and a myriad of other accolades for accomplishing something or for being the best at something. My accomplices and I were respectful (mostly…we did eventually turn 13, after all) of the police, our parents, and afraid of punishment in general, and that fear kept the majority of us out of prison and shaped us into law-abiding adults with a healthy sense of hard-won accomplishment. Today’s standard of handing out the same accolades to our kids for little to no effort at all is not doing our children, or our future society, any favors. I understand the intentions that introduced the concept of giving everyone a trophy, but when did we get into the business of keeping kids sense of self elevated at the cost of learning life lessons? I recently read […]

Deprogramming Women 101 – Find Your Tribe

There seems to be a lot more talk in my life lately about women needing to be kinder to one another and while I am all for it,  I am finding that there is a lot of talk happening out of one side of people’s mouths. Who hasn’t “pledged” to be better to her sisters in vaginahood one second, and criticized a woman for something in the next? I’ll tell you who: every single one of us. I just did it this morning, only this time I was judging myself. A lovely girl sat next to me on the train and I wondered what it was like to be so slim, and it hit me like a frying pan to the face: how did I become so inured to degrading my own value? When did I completely buy into measuring my value as a woman against a magazine rack full of size 2’s? The early and constant brainwashing in the media, our own mothers and sisters teaching us to “suck it in and put some lipstick on” or we’d never “find a man” – we’re doomed before we even know what we are doomed to. I think I found a way […]