Hashtags: #Momtexts – The Hilarious Jimmy Fallon, Again 3

I love Jimmy Fallon. Weekly Hashtags – this one is from 2013 but still amazing! Like this:Like Loading…

Deprogramming Women 101 – Find Your Tribe

There seems to be a lot more talk in my life lately about women needing to be kinder to one another and while I am all for it,  I am finding that there is a lot of talk happening out of one side of people’s mouths. Who hasn’t “pledged” to be better to her sisters in […]

I am a Terrible Mother 7

My daughter is relatively well-behaved; relatively, because she is two. She has started hitting and making moves to bite lately, mostly when she is not getting her way or when she is over-tired. I have read #alltheadvice on how to rectify this, but it can be a wee bit difficult redirecting her when I am in […]