Hello, Karma my old friend. 1

Dear Momwhotravelsallovertheplacewithlittlekids, I am sorry for all of the times, pre-motherhood, that I rolled my eyes at you and your screaming kid at the airport. I am wise now to the fact that no, actually, you can’t just make them shut up. It’s ok, though. You know that karma thing everyone talks about? Mine is […]

Change is Good…isn’t it? 3

Today is my last day at my current position; tomorrow I start a new, higher position in a different location with the same corporation. So, all the feelings of leaving old and starting new and not liking change and excited about new opportunities are all jumbling together into a big mixed bag of glee that […]

Happy Friday? Poopoo.

My 19-month old daughter was up late last night, crying for no discernible reason…sometimes she just wants me in the room, I guess-whether I am rocking and crying to myself in a corner or not. Thus, this morning was no picnic. She was clingy (which I am totally cool with, I’ll take the snuggles where […]